Releasing Grey Partridges

Grey partridges have been absent on the farm for the last couple of years . However with the Partridge 1changes in farming practice making the farm a little more partridge friendly  we have decided to release 40 grey partridge poults in the centre of the shoot with the idea of not shooting them and hopefully finding them making the farm home and who knows maybe a brood or two next year .

Now I can hear all you experienced guys laughing at your laptops, and if you stack up all the pitfalls and disasters, predators, dog walkers, weather,  bad farming, worse keepering. I will agree that the odds are stacked very heavily against .

However  without doing something there is no chance of hearing that wonderful Partridge 1evocative call across the farm ever again.

I will keep you posted as to their progress

This got me thinking haven’t we all got a moral obligation to try and help with the reintroduction of this wonderful farmland bird.

What if every shoot in the country released a pen of greys in some quiet corner.  Would it be the right thing  to do or would it harm the precious few truly wild greys we have?

I saw this fantastic film at an N.G.O. evening.  I Think everyone should have a shortcut to it on their laptop for when life looks a little bleak.  Why doesn’t everyone farm like this? :

I would be interested in your comments as always at

Alan Anderson