Heygates are audited members
of the Universal Feed
Assurance Scheme


 Bulk Lorry 2


Bulk Lorry 1

We supply our farm feeds in loose bulk to be blown into a suitable bin or feed store with a minimum order size of four tonnes.

We manufacture a full range of compounds and blends for ruminants, pigs and poultry and our team of trained nutritional advisers will be able to help you to select the right ration. We are licensed to manufacture medicated feeds and can supply wormers, coccidiostats etc. to veterinary prescription.

Services to customers include:

  • Dairy Costings
  • Forage Analysis
  • Ration formulation and advice
  • Bespoke blends for TMRs

If you would like further information or to speak to one of our nutritionists please fill in the online enquiry form or call us on 01604 833250 between 9.00am and 5.30pm. Over 95% of calls are answered live within 5 seconds.