Heygates Quail Feeds


By popular demand the Heygates Superstarter Crumbs for quail, together with the rest of the quail feed range, are now available from stock all year round.  Superstarter crumbs are a 27% protein superfine crumb with Avatec and fish meal.

Please note that Superstarter crumbs contain Avatec to help prevent coccidiosis and this medication should be withdrawn at least 5 days before the eggs are taken or the birds are slaughtered for human consumption.

The recommended feeding programme for quail is:

Laying birds
0-4 weeks           Superstarter Crumbs (27% protein superfine crumb + Avatec)
4-8 weeks           Country Chick Crumbs (19% protein non medicated crumb)
8 weeks +           Quail & Partridge layer/Breeder (19.5% protein 2.2mm mini pellet)

The Country Chick crumbs can be omitted and Superstarter fed for longer but the layer/breeder pellets must be fed for at least five days before eggs are eaten.

Meat birds
0-4 weeks           Superstarter Crumbs
4 weeks +           Country Chick Crumbs

Feed Intakes
Feed intakes will vary according to breed and envoronmental conditions but typical quantities are:
0-4 weeks 100 grammes per bird per week
over 4 weeks 115 grammes per bird per week

Meat birds are normally slaughtered at 40 to 45 days.  Growth rate is rapid until five weeks of age, thereafter it slows down and adult weight is achieved at about 50 days.