Live Yeast as a Feed Additive for Horses
Yeast is one of the oldest natural feed additives known to mankind. The strain of yeast used in Heygates feeds is specially selected because it is active in the animal’s digestive system and it has been rigorously tested through the EU registration system to prove that it works.
The proven benefits of feeding yeast to horses include:
  • Improved fibre digestibility.
  • Improved calcium and phosphorus uptake.
  • Improved amino acid profiles (the essential building blocks of protein)
  • Faster rates of balanced growth.
  • Improved hoof and coat condition.
  • Foals from mares fed a yeast culture grow more rapidly due to improved milk production.
  • Improved bone development.
Feeding yeast will increase the amount of nutrients available from a given amount of feed. The improved fibre digestion helps to reduce digestive upsets and will reduce the likelihood of impaction colic.