What is Avipro?
Avipro is a natural feed additive derived from yeast which improves animal health and performance. 

With European legislation limiting the number of products available to control diseases, the Heygates product development team felt that a natural feed additive which is fully licensed and proven to work was the correct way to move forward.
How does it work?
Avipro works by preventing pathogenic disease causing bacteria from attaching to the gut wall of the bird.  Avipro binds to the bacteria so that they pass harmlessly through the gut.  Avipro has been shown to bind to a number of disease causing bacteria including Salmonella, e coli and Clostridia.

What are the benefits of feeding Avipro? 
Trials have shown that Avipro reduces scouring and wet litter.  Mortality is lower and growth rates are improved.