Boosting performance by feeding live yeast

Specific strains of live yeast have been selected for feeding to dairy and beef cattle and have been extensively researched across the world. The performance and economic benefits demonstrated in the trials are being experienced widely by livestock farmers.

Not all live yeasts are the same. Heygates Agricell has been specifically developed to maximise rumen efficiently and boost performance and profitability of dairy and beef cattle.

How does Agricell work?

Agricell yeast works by improving the conditions within the rumen, making a better environment for beneficial micro-organisms to flourish. Removing oxygen from the rumen is one key role.

Agricell improves rumen function by:
• Enhancing oxygen utilisation from the rumen
• Increasing fibre digesting bacteria
• Increasing lactic acid utilising bacteria

The improvements in rumen function and feed efficiency
translate to performance benefits of up to 2 litres per
cow/day when fed to dairy cattle and up to 10% higher
weight gain of beef cattle.


The benefits of feeding Agricell

Independent trials show that Agricell improves rumen function and this translates to improved animal performance. The main benefits shown on commercial farms include:

• Increased forage and dry matter intake.
• Improved milk and protein yield
• Improved daily live weight gain in beef cattle
• Reduced risk of acidosis.
• Improved dung consistency.
• Increased feed conversion efficiency.
• Animals visibly more content.




Agricell granular

The granular form of Agricell offers better protection for the yeast cells which means that they are still alive and active when they reach the rumen. The unique production process means that an outer layer is formed which protects the inner core of live yeast.


agricellQuality assurance

Agricell complies with all Feed Additive Regulations and is authorised for inclusion in diets of dairy cows, beef cattle,
sows and piglets and also equines. Agricell is produced to FEMAS assured standards.